Discover all the timeless combinations that can elevate your look

Most women have same staple outfits in their closet, a uniform type of look to put on whenever there is no time to try something new. Or for the times you are not in a creative mood and you simply want to get dressed. But even then, you always want to wear something stylish.

We all have lifesaving combinations like a pair of heels that go nicely with a specific dress, a necklace that compliments your sweater. There are however some combinations in the fashion world that are never going to go out of fashion, like putting certain patterns together, or creating layers that are a perfect match like black and white.

 It is time to add a few more successful combinations in your everyday dressing, which will uplift your look for the years to come.

  1. Denim + Denim

Pairing a Denim top and a Denim bottom has long since been considered a fashion statement. This is now a classic combination that can characterise both casual and evening looks. Put it in your wardrobe and accessorise wisely!

  1. Blue + Red

This is yet another timeless colour combination. Maybe even more so than black and white. From pale to strong both blue and red go well together. You can wear it from head to toe, either as colour blocking or in prints. Don’t hesitate to complete this look with a vivid red lipstick!

  1. Floral + Dots

Prints with flowers are the perfect base for mixing prints. And floral can look amazing when paired with dots! It is not an easy combination to make! The basic rule is to match the colours and ensure there are common colours in the different patterns. This combination is vibrant and fresh and feminine and reminiscent of the 60’s vibe.

  1. Black + Gold

Black is definitely the safest choice in clothes. Simple and stylish and safe. Gold jewellery on a black outfit will bring in mind the classic Hollywood spirit. It looks lavish and fabulous. Try total black with golden statement earrings or layers of thin golden necklaces.

  1. Navy + White

White is a perfect match for navy blue as well, not just black. White and navy blue create classy combinations with an elegant reference to the nautical style. They are super chic together and that makes them ideal for sharp looks.

  1. Leopard + Stripes

An interesting and classy combination is that of leopard print and stripes. It is a classic and timeless match incorporating two prints that keep coming back every season. The secret to success is to avoid mixing too many colours together. It is best to choose natural hues like black and white stripes with classic beige leopard print and black accessories.

  1. Turtleneck + Dress

A slim fit classic turtleneck must be in every woman’s closet. It is a key item for successful layering. It is a timeless combination to pair it with a summer or an evening dress. It adds a casual feeling to the look while making it possible to enjoy your lovely summer dress all year round!

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